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Matlu-klusteri Principles for a Safer Space

The following principles are in place in Matlu-klusteri so that everyone can feel comfortable there. Breaking these principles may lead to being removed from the space.

  1. If a problem arises, ask for help from a person who is responsible for the space at that time. When you enter Matlu-klusteri, find out who at least one of these people are. A person responsible for the space is anyone who has a key to Matlu-klusteri. There are people in particular who are responsible for the space between the hours of 24-07. You can find out who has responsibility that night by asking around. If the person in charge is part of the problem, you can try and find another responsible person or contact the Leppätalo Committee (leppis-list@helsinki.fi).

  2. Obey the instructions of the person who is responsible for the space.

  3. In an emergency, do not hesitate to call the emergency number 112.

  4. Take care of yourself. Do not intentionally put yourself in a state that makes it impossible for you to leave at any time.

  5. Take care of others. If you notice someone else cannot take care of themselves, do not leave them alone. Make sure they get help by telling someone who is responsible for the space.

  6. Make sure that the atmosphere at Matlu-klusteri is safe and welcoming. Respect others. Do not discriminate against, bully, pressure, or attack others. If you notice others behaving inappropriately or harassing someone, step in or tell a person who is responsible for the space. Report violent behavior or harassment forward to the Leppätalo Committee (leppis-list@helsinki.fi).

  7. Take care of Matlu-klusteri. Clean up after yourself. Do not bother the neighbors, harm Urho, or destroy objects in the space. Remember to take your things with you when you leave.

Questions and comments about these principles can be sent to the Leppätalo Committee (leppis-list@helsinki.fi).

These principles were reviewed and accepted by the board on 24.11.2015.