The Science Students' Association Matlu of the University of Helsinki

Matlu is the Science Students’ Association of the University of Helsinki. The purpose of Matlu is to promote the interests of, and collaboration between, student organisations of the Science faculty. You will find information about Matlu and its member organisations on this website. Every member of Matlu’s member organisations is welcome to join in to advance collaboration between science student organisations!

The best way to join in Matlu activities is by following our facebook group and email list matlu-list. You can subscribe to receive information via matlu-list by sending an email containing the text subscribe matlu-list to the address Leave the subject of the email empty!

What is Matlu?

Matlu, founded in 1994, is the cooperative association of student organisations of the Science faculty. The core function of Matlu is to promote the interests of students at faculty level. Representatives from Matlu keep in close contact with university staff members, student representatives in steering groups, and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Matlu organises the annual Faculty Sauna, where faculty staff and representatives from student organisations can discuss studies in a casual setting. The Faculty Sauna has grown to be an important forum for discussion in recent years. Read more about promotion of students’ interests here. The role of Matlu as a collaborative association is evident in the many cross-disciplinary student events it organises. Annual student events include KJYV (Vappu Orienteering of all Kumpula Student Organisations), the MEGAtram, a HopLop excursion, and various parties and sitsit events.

Matlu also maintains the Matlu-klusteri recreational space located at Domus Gaudium. The space is governed by the Leppätalo Committee, which is comprised of representatives of all student organisations who use the space. See the reservation calendar for the space here.

Who is Matlu?

The official members of Matlu are student organisations. This means all student members of these organisations are members of Matlu indirectly.

The executive organ of Matlu is the board, which is comprised of 8-18 members of member organisations. Board positions are distributed as evenly as possible to students of different disciplines. Officials and active members of member organisations support the board in organising Matlu’s activities. Find out more about the board and officials here.

How does Matlu work?

The board of Matlu meets about once a month to discuss ongoing business. Meetings are open to all members of member organisations, and information about meetings is posted to the matlu-list email list. Meetings are usually held at Matlu-klusteri.

Who do I ask for more information?

You can join in Matlu’s activities at any time. Matlu offers an easy avenue to join in cross-disciplinary activities, with something for everyone. We are always open to new ideas for events and activities. You can ask for more information from any board member, particularly the chair: