Board officials

The board is the main entity responsible for the overall operation of the organization. Being a board member is sort of a post in itself, as it requires time and attention in addition to your other offices. Board members are expected to attend board meetings, which are held approximately once a month. Since Matlu is by name a cooperative organization, it is preferable to have board members from as many different member organizations as possible to insure information reaches all organizations equally. This insures that the benefit of all members is seen to. Matlu has five essential posts to which nomination always guarantees a position as a board member as well. These officials are chosen in the legally mandated annual autumn meeting along with the rest of the board. All other officials are picked in the board’s general assembly meeting at the turn of the year.


The president convenes and chairs board meetings and guides the operation of the organization as well as its board members. They make certain that things are rolling forward and that the board and officials are not overworked. The president makes use of their organizational knowledge, skills with delegation and time management. They uphold relations to the faculty, student union and other cooperative sources.

Vice president

The vice-chair assists the president in running the organization and acts as their substitute as chair when the president is inhibited from attending. Traditionally the vice-chair is responsible for organizing the annual Tarto-excursion. Other times the vice-chair is a Jack-of-all-trades in the organization and helps with whatever is urgent at the time.


The treasurer takes care of the organization’s economy, keeps the books, prepares the financial accounts and plans the budget for next year. In practice, the treasurer ensures the organization stays on budget, doesn’t run out of money and stays on track with current fiscal matters. The treasurer doesn’t need to know everything about book-keeping from the get-go since they receive training for these things early in the year. Priority lies in taking care of matters actively and carefully.


The primary task of the secretary is to keep the minutes of the meeting and make sure it contains all essential content for the meeting. After the meeting the secretary should spellcheck and review the minutes, and make them available for members to read. In practice, the secretary should prepare the minutes ahead of the meeting, based on the agenda provided by the president in convening the meeting, to be focused at the meeting, and to pay attention to what is going on. The office of secretary is thus mostly meeting oriented, with only a few tasks outside meetings. It is however an essential office for book-keeping and continuity purposes.

President of the Leppätalo committee

The president of the Leppätalo committee is the main body behind decisions related to the Christina Regina -cluster, also known as Matlu Klusteri. The committee consists of the presidents and Klusteri officials from all member organizations, and decides most things relating to Klusteri from reservations to punishments. The PoLC is responsible for making sure all matters relating to Klusteri are handled accordingly and on time. The most important ones of these responsibilities are: organizing training in the use of Klusteri, chairing committee meetings, keeping in touch with the student union HYY and the organizations that use Matlu Klusteri, and organizing the upkeep and maintenance of Klusteri. The best friend that the PoLC can have are the rules for the use of Klusteri, found on Matlu’s website. The best part about being committee president is the amount of respect you get from all those who use Klusteri.

Officials in 2019

Klusteri official

Klusteri officials are responsible for the practical upkeep of our beloved Klusteri. They are responsible for wholesale accquisitions (toilet paper, paper towels etc.), general maintenance, acquiring new furniture, getting rid of the old furniture and the cleaning shifts for the Matlu board. Over a dozen organizations use Klusteri, which leads to some wear and tear. Matlu’s Klusteri officials are in a key position to ensure the usability and congeniality of Klusteri, which is why at least two Klusteri officials are preferred. This is a key role in ensuring what Klusteri looks and feels like, and what games and other things can be found there.

Communications official

The communications official’s task is constant but not very taxing all at once. Their mission is to admin Matlu’s mailing lists and to ensure that information gets coordinated to member organizations without a hitch. There are a total of eight mailing lists under Matlu, of which the CO admins six:

  • hallitus@matlu.fi for the board’s internal communication
  • matlu-aktiivit@helsinki.fi for wider discussion between Matlu officials
  • matlu-list@helsinki.fi for informing students within the faculty
  • jarjestot@matlu.fi for informing the boards of Matlu’s member organizations
  • kumpula-jasenet@matlu.fi for reaching all students on the main lists of member organizations. The use of this list warrants careful consideration.
  • Matlu-opinto@helsinki.fi for discussing study related policies and informing student representatives and study officials in the faculty.

In practice, it is best to manage all lists daily to ensure messages reach their target audiences on time. The OC might receive information to relay personally to the mailing lists from time to time as well. It is good for the OC to be aware of most upcoming events to know when to expect emails on certain topics.


The webmaster takes care of Matlu’s IT systems. Their primary task is to uphold the Matlu website (http://matlu.fi) and the Klusteri website (http://matlu.fi/ilotalo) as well as the admin rights to Matlu board’s shared platforms. In practice, this includes updating the information of new officials into Matlu’s systems at the beginning of the year. The webmaster has a wide influence to the renewal and modernization of Matlu’s websystems.

Meeting snack person

This person makes sure board meetings always have some light snacks or something to eat. Cooking is not required but is allowed and often even applauded. Any prominent chef-type person will certainly strive. Then again, snacks may as well consist of something as simple as cookies or croissants.

Study coordinators

Matlu’s study coordinators have the task of taking care of any and all matters relating to studies and study policies within the student community. Most importantly, the study coordinators are responsible for the flow of information and the cooperation between the study coordinators of organizations, student representatives and faculty staff. The study coordinators also represent the voice of students in matters relating to studying and assists them in problem situations. In addition, the study coordinators assist the student union when needed and stays in touch with faculty staff. It is preferred there be two study coordinators. Together they organize the faculty sauna evening in spring.

Tutor coordinator

The tutor coordinators for Matlu assemble the tutor coordinators from member organizations, make sure they know each other and aids them with matters relating to tutors and freshmen throughout the year. The Matlu tutor coordinators also keep in touch with the faculty tutor secretary and aid both the faculty and tutors with practical affairs. Being Matlu’s tutor coordinator provides a variety of new and interesting situations and problems. A tutor coordinator should have initiative and dare to do and ask for most anything. The preferred amount of tutor coordinators is two.

International coordinator

The international coordinator works as a mediator and organizer between the IC:s of member organizations as well as advises how international students are taken into account in Kumpula. Matlu’s IC advises the other IC:s on what measures organizations should take in order to include and involve international students in the organization’s events. It is the IC’s responsibility to oversee that foreign students are treated equally to other students in Kumpula. Matlu’s IC is also responsible the international student picnic, IS sitz, IS Klusteri night, Welcome Fair etc. Together with KSI (Kumpula Science International) the Matlu IC looks after the benefits of international students in general. The Matlu IC also stays in contact with the student union and informs them of potential improvements.

Business representative

The business representative takes care of Matlu’s business cooperation and partnerships, as well as working-life oriented events. The Kumpula's Potential -job market event which saw its debut in 2017 will require the efforts of the business contact in the coming years as well. More tightly knit business partnerships and events are welcome to Matlu as well. There may very well be two business contacts instead of just one.

Sports representative

The sports rep coordinates events and activities relating to sports and exercise. Due to member organizations largely arranging their own sporting events, the job of Matlu’s rep is mainly to organize faculty wide contests and events. At the moment, their biggest responsibility is to organize transport to the World Championship Kyykkä in Tampere in late winter. In past years the sports rep has also arranged orienteerings and other such events. The role of sports representative suits you if you are an active and sporty person who is interested in getting the faculty students moving. As the sports representative, you will have free reign to the width and variety of sporting events.

Event coordinators

Event coordinators are responsible for organizing Matlu’s parties and other events such as Laskuhumala (Shrove Tuesday party), MEGAspora (Tram party), Vappureha (May day party), Summerparty, Freshman party and Halloween party. Of these events, Laskuhumala and Vappureha are organized together with other faculty organizations, which provides a great opportunity to get to know the officials from those organizations. The Halloween party is organized together with Matlu’s member organizations. Things to keep in mind when organizing an event include the venue, communication between different organizers, advertising the event, ticket sales, acquiring and coordinating helpers, and the practical concerns to be considered on the day of the event. The position suits anyone with initiative, creativity, the ability to work together well with others and a passion for staging events.

Master of ceremony

The master of ceremony is responsible for organizing Matlu’s most spectacular and important event: the annual ball. The annual ball is in celebration of the founding of Matlu and is usually held in late January. In 2019 Matlu will be turning 25. The MC starts their term in early autumn by finding a suitable venue, though most of their duties start around December. Otherwise the MC has full control of the nature and aspects of the ball. The MC should preferably have prior experience in organizing events and sitz. The position can have two people in it to share the load as well as a separately picked team.


The Host of Matlu is responsible for the congeniality of Klusteri together with the Klusteri officials. The host also helps the board and especially the event coordinators in organizing various events.

Culture official

The culture official arranges various culture events like movie nights, excursions and performances. If you are interested in culture and art, and want a free reign to design and organize such events, this is the post for you. The office can be shared by many people. The most important quality for this position is interest towards culture events and organization work, plus initiative.

Graphic designer

The graphic designer takes care of the visual appearance of Matlu. They should have some artistic vision and creativity. Most of the office is focused on making and designing event posters, but also includes the opportunity to affect the visual appearance of Matlu’s website and products.

HYY correspondent

The HYY correspondent is responsible for Matlu’s cooperation with the student union HYY. Together with the study coordinators they uphold good communications with HYY. They should also keep a close eye on HYY’s information channels in case of information that concerns Matlu or its member organizations. The HYY correspondent should meet with HYY representatives, preferably early in the year to agree on cooperation and other valuable information.

Equity officer

The equity officer writes Matlu’s equal treatment plan for each year, and makes sure it is carried out accordingly. It is an easy but important position suitable for freshmen as well. Matlu’s equity officer can contact other equity officers and plan together on how to improve equal treatment amongst students. Things to consider: events along the theme equality, feedback forms, make sure member organizations arrange enough non-alcoholic events etc.

Harassment contact

The harassment contact is a person who can be contacted by faculty students, board member etc. about any harassment, distressing behavior or such like. Each member organization has their own harassment contact to deal with internal problems and in the future, it might be prominent for Matlu’s harassment contact to act as a unifying factor between the others. Students from any organization can also be in contact with Matlu’s harassment contact if for some reason they do not wish to contact their own. This position is suited for anyone reliable and easily approachable who is also interested in making sure everyone in Kumpula feels welcome.

Environmental officer

The environmental official is responsible for the writing and yearly update of matlu’s environmental plan. They make sure organizations under Matlu take environmental factors in to account in their functioning. There is no set of principles on how they should do their job, and instead they should see to this goal as best they see fit. They should also try to actively encourage member organizations to be more environmental. This post is also well suited for freshmen.