The Science Students' Association Matlu of the University of Helsinki

The objetive of Matlu is to promote the interests of students at the Faculty of Science as well as to improve collaboration among the student associations within the faculty.

Matlu consists of 10 member associations within the Faculties of Science and Biological and Enviromental Sciences. Being a member in any of these associations you are allowed to participate in all the events and activities within Matlu.

You can follow Matlu's activities in our facebook group or by joining our mailing list. You can join the list by delivering (without subject) a mail with content "subscribe matlu-list" to

For more information don't hesitate to contact any member of the board (emails usually

Eeva Häkkinen, Chairperson
Ville-Veikko Saari
Laura Kaurijoki
Tony Ylönen
Tuomo Salmenkivi
Jussi Maristo
Nico Roos
Markus Riskumäki
Arvi Mikkanen
Jessika Isomeri
Juri Gyllström, International Secretary
Hannalotta Alenius
Pinja Lappalainen
Sasu Karttunen
Heikki Turunen
Salla Kilpinen
Sami Nurmivaara
Felix Lindholm